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Subdirectories / subfolders questions

  • Ok, I am still trying to decide if I will install a number of subdirectories/subfolders or subdomains.

    Our team has a project coming together which will look something similar to http://theforcereport.com

    If I install a number of subdirectories instead of subdomains will I be able to do the following

    1/ Have a different header for each subdirectory
    2/ only display the categories for each subdirectory
    3/ Should I use 2.9.2 or is 3.0 stable for what I will be trying to acomplish?

    I like the idea of the subdorectories functioning as subdomains do but with the added benefit for SEO purposes. (building authority on the main domain rather than the SE’s seeing them as different sites like subdomains.

    Any thoughts?


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  • esmi


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    WordPress doesn’t use sub-directories as part of its architecture.

    Hi Esmi, does this mean that it is not possible to use sub-directories in wordpress?

    Many people use sub-directories for wordpress installs such as http://www.mydomain.com/blog right? Or am I getting things confused here?




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    You can install WP in a sub-folder and you can run a number of completely separate installs in different sub-folders but you can’t sub-divide a single install over a number of sub-folders. There is a multisite option in WP 3.0 but that’s slightly different again.

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