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  • At the moment there are 5 different user levels (“roles”):

  • Administrator
  • Ideally I’d like to have the option to subdivide the “Subscriber” level into “Public”, “Family (private)” and “Friends (private)” (or any other group), and then be able to restrict the readability of elected posts and pages to those specific groups.

    A little like the way Flickr does I guess.

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  • I don’t know what flickr does… but you can try the role manager plugin to create new roles:

    Thanks moshu, from reading through the literature I can’t see that it will allow me restrict readability of elected posts to any roles I create, but I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

    I’d also be a little concerned about future proofing. That is, this looks like one of those plugins that would restrict you from ever doing any major WP updates until it too was updated. Probably can’t avoid that in doing what I want to do though.

    By the way Flickr does just that, it allows you to upload photos and decide whether they can be viewed by friends and/or family and/or the public.

    I asked the question and haven’t received an answer yet but from looking at other queries it looks like Role Manager cannot restrict posts to certain people.

    So, this would be the number one feature on my wishlist for WP.

    Feature request ticket added to trac:

    Have you considered restricting category visibility by user role?

    The Category Visibility plugin at allows you set a user level for each category on your blog (e.g. give each category a number from 1-10). The plugin then grants access according to the following: Administrator: 10, Editor: 7, Author: 2, Contributor: 1, Subscriber: 0. Unregistered users are also level 0.

    I use it and it seems to work fine. My only quibble is that a user can post to a category with a user level higher than their own, even though they cannot see such psotings on the site.

    Presumably you could also use Role Manager plug in if you wanted to have additional roles with different access levels.

    Yeah, thanks Neil, I have considered those methods but they don’t achieve what I’m after.

    You can vote for this feature on Ideas, at:

    Vote for this feature on Ideas (proper link):

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