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  • On my shop page, I have category images showing. When you click a category, you see the subcategory images.

    For example, I have a category “Bakery” and inside are 3 subcategories. However, the site only shows two of them. Inside the third, there are products that are all in stock and published. But when on Bakery shop page, the subcategory does not show!

    What’s happening?

    I think this also has to do with another issue: I have the amount of products inside a category showing beside the category name. For a lot of categories, the number is incorrect. For example I have over 20 products inside my Alcoholic Drinks category, but it says there’s only 1 inside…. Strange!

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  • Forget that last thing I mentioned, I found on Google that it’s the product count that’s not working properly in WooCommerce. I’ll just turn that off.

    As for the main thing, I can give you an example.

    Check this link:
    You see 4 subcategories there. But really, there’s FIVE subcategories in the back-end. The category “Frisdrank” is missing.

    The products are there and the subcategory page does exist:

    In short: some subcategories are INVISIBLE. How do I fix this?

    I temporarily fixed it by creating a new subcategory and moving the products in the ‘ghost subcategory’ to the new one.

    Now it’s happening again to a new subcategory, but even after adding a new subcategory it’s not showing up on the category page. I have seven subcategories, but it’s only showing six of them.

    Help appreciated.

    I am having the same issue of subcategories not showing. Any update on this?

    BlottedInq do you use WPML too?


    No I do not currently use WPML. I actually solved the issues by updating my theme. Some of the files were out of dating and conflicting with the categories for whatever reason.

    Hi indira14, do u find solution for this prolem, i meet the same prolem also, i don’t know how to figure it out.

    Any update on this? I also have subcategories not showing. Only 2 subcategories are showing instead of 5.

    @voala, hey, i find a way to solve the problem, i change the subcategories name, and slug, and then the other subcategories show up

    Hi Mavisenshen, can you add any further detail to your fix as I am having the same issue. Adding a new subcategory and moving the products from the old to the new sub category worked for a while and now does not. I have tried renaming like you as as well (although I was not sure what I was renaming).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    What did it for me was to use the woocommerce tools. Seems that woo was not counting the products from the subcategories. Go to WP Admin > WooCommerce > System Status > Tools Tab.

    1. Click on Recount terms to make woo recount the products
    2. Click on Clear transients to clear all cached files
    3. Save Changes

    This did the trick for me. Now works like a dream 🙂


    Thank you, thank you & thank you.

    Something that has been troubling me for quite some time, so easily solved. I had been searching on and off over the last week for a solution without luck until I stumbled upon this forum topic.

    A weight has been lifted. 😀

    Glad it worked out.:)

    Phil C


    Ahh this worked for me too, thanks Voala!

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    I tried all 3 just in case, and it appears to have worked!
    Not sure which did it: Term counts, then Expired Transients, then WC Transients in version 2.8.1

    Thank you Voala, this worked for me too.
    Was doing my head in!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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