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    The theme continues to be exceptional. I did run into an issue trying to get subcategory links to list on all category parent pages though. Right now the default seems to be only to list categories on top level parent pages. So for example if I have 3 categories, one inside the next, it’ll only put a category listing on the top level parent category, but not the second level.

    Here is a page that works correctly on the site:

    However if I put this category in a category called “news”, then only news will get subcategory links.

    Also, if there is any way to add more categories to the front page that’d be great to know too but I don’t want to press my luck beyond my first question. 🙂

    Thanks! Best theme ever!

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  • Theme Author Richie KS


    did you check the ‘auto add category’ when saving the menu?

    Indeed I did. The only thing I can think of that might somehow effect it is that I moved the subcat block from the header to archives.php. Other than that I don’t think anything could have touched it. (standard godaddy setup) I’ll keep checking my plugins to be safe though.

    Unrelated, but the feat-content divs on the front page had urls which weren’t breaking. I added “word-wrap: break-word;” to the two instances of “feat-content” in the CSS. All good now. I don’t suppose putting it here will help too many people, but (perhaps) you should throw those break-words in the CSS on the next update. 🙂

    Theme Author Richie KS


    did you refering to the Subcatgories: on the page? i don’t think that’s ready builtin in theme, is it?

    No pages, just categories… Hrmmmm… It’s not critical, I can keep playing with it. You’re off the hook. At the moment, if I was going to bother you for your time it would be debugging with the w3c validator. I get around 65 errors, most relating to an image height set to “auto”. When I check the php the image height is set to 200 and I can’t find where the ‘auto’ is coming from. Put about 5 hours into that today.

    That said, you’re really off the hook. I can’t expect anyone carry my projects for me. You’re welcome to, but I can’t expect it. Thanks again for your previous help. 🙂



    Hi! I’m looking to do this too. I love the way you have your subcategories in the main nav on your site, Taylor. Would you mind sharing how you achieved it?

    Hello! One of my Sub category is not showing all of the posts. It’s just limited to 2 pages. Please help me resolve this issue.

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