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    I am just trying out this great theme but I have one major problem. I have my categories in a menu in my header bar, but I can’t see a way to have a drop down to my subcategories. I really hope this is possible!

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  • Can’t you just drag & drop your sub-categories under your main menu items on the menus page, but indent them in so they display under your menu items?

    Under “Creating Multi-level Menus”.

    Yes I have the multi level heading set up right as they work in my current theme. But when I test Hueman only the top parent menu shows.

    Sorry here is a link to my site – the menu bar in the header has sub categories attached to it but don’t show as drop down options here.
    And I’m still working on layout/colors, BTW!

    Thanks for the link. It’s very strange, I don’t even see the little triangles on your menu items that indicate a sub-menu.

    I tried to re-create the problem. I created a category called Category 1 and a subcategory called Category 1A, added them to the menu, and unfortunately (for you), it worked.

    Thanks CrouchingBruin for looking at this! I’m thinking of creating a new menu and trying again. At least I know that subcategories are supported on this theme – I was worried that it wasn’t an option!

    OK all fixed – thanks!

    Great! All you had to do was create a new menu? How strange that the old one didn’t work.

    Nah, user error. In my main categories section the sub-cats were all laid out perfectly. I hadn’t realized that in the menu page I had to drag across all the sub-cats as well as the parent cats. <blush>

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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