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  • With the expert help of my 12 year old I have successfully installed WordPress 1.02.
    I’m playing around with it and would like to know if subcategories are possible and how I would create them.
    Thx, Mookie

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  • sub-categories are enabled in the next version (1.1 or 1.2) … the 1.2 version (not the 1.0.2) is already on the map, we’re testing it each days…

    They are possible, but not in 1.0.2. You’d need to use, at minimum, version 1.1, which is not an ‘official release’. Word has it that the next release, due out ‘soon’, will be 1.2 and also contains subcategories.
    If you want to try it out, try the 3/10 nightly release, found here.

    try replacing the cat code in your wp-menu with this:
    <?php list_cats(0, 'All', 'name','','',TRUE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE); ?>
    If you are using subcats they should show.
    I forgot where I got it, but it’s credits are to someone in this forum

    But subcats aren’t in 1.0.1, which is what mookie wants to know about, so this code won’t help her with that.

    OK, I’ve bravely uploaded 1.2 , ran upgrade.php and get this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_list_cats() in index.php on line 75
    I can see that the function is in template-functions-category.php so I’m not sure why it can’t find it. I didn’t remove or change any files/settings on the server before uploading.
    The program still works but doesn’t display the category list in the side bar.

    Uploaded nightly build 2004/03/16.
    I’m ok now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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