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  • Hello there @mfraase,
    Are they being displayed chronologically (ie subwiki3 was the last to be created, subwiki2 was second and subwiki1 was the first one that was created)?

    Can you please confirm that?


    I believe the Sub Wikis are, indeed, being displayed chronologically. I’m in the process of migrating three large wikis from ExpressionEngine to WordPress and the data migration elements all carried identical timestamps.

    I’ll try changing the publication time in each Sub Wiki and report back.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    When you get a chance, could you please give a bullet-list of the highlights of the commercial version. And, to be clear: If I purchase the commercial version and then cancel after 30 days, I don’t get any updates, correct? In that scenario, can I just repurchase the commercial version when there is a significant update and cancel again after 30 days?

    Finally, would you please consider just an outright license for the commercial version? I’m allergic to any sort of software subscription.

    I’m able to change the display order of Sub Wikis by altering the publication time of each Sub Wiki. The default condition of displaying Sub Wikis in reverse-chronological order is fine, but is counter-intuitive in that it cannot be overridden. The user should be able to alter the display order of Sub Wikis by using the Parent and Order elements in the Attributes panel of the Editor.

    Hi @mfraase,

    I can confirm that the premium version respects the “Order” option when setting the parent wiki (I just tested it on my sandbox site). I’m not sure why the Lite version wouldn’t do this.

    You are quite right in your understanding of our membership policy. You do not need subscription to use the plugins, but you do need it for updates and support, and you can indeed re-sign up to download an update or get support, then cancel again.

    Is this something that will be addressed in a future release?

    I couldn’t say for sure. Since the Lite version is distributed freely it does not receive updates as frequently as the premium version… however it’s not like us to leave an obvious bug unfixed, so keep your eyes on the change log and release notes!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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