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  • Hi all,

    I’m using 1.5. Today, I added a sub category and 2 sub-sub-categories, and put posts in all of them.

    My problem is that sub-sub-categories are not showing up in the categories view, no matter where I go. I tried changing




    in my index.php (both in the basedir and in the active theme dir) to no avail, and even changed the template value of recurse to be 1 instead of 0. There are, in fact, posts in the sub-sub-categories, and these posts show up when I go to the sub-category.

    The other problem I have is that the links in the “Filed under:” sections are wrong. They link to http://site/category/ instead of http://site/category/catname. (or, for subcategories, http://site/category/catname/subcatname). (but oddly, the names for the links are correct. . .so the name is “General” but it links to “http://site/category” instead of “http://site/category/general”).

    I don’t think these problems are related. I recently upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5, including regenerating my permalinks (as far as I can tell, I only had the post_id one) . . . and everything else works fine.

    I’ve spent a few hours searching the wiki and the forums, any help is appreciated.

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  • Eeenteresting. It seems that only PRIVATE posts count for the sub-sub-category problem. That’s annoying, but understandable why that feature is there. Any way to get around that? I want people to see the category even if they can’t see the post.

    By default WP does NOT show the “empty” categories (though I didn’t know about the private posts – never use them).
    read about the template tags in the Codex: > see Category Tags

    Yes, I know that, that’s why I said twice that I have posts in the categories. I read up on all that stuff, there were many posts of “why can’t I see my category?” as well as a FAQ, I think. That wasn’t my problem. Although none of those addressed private vs. public.

    Meanwhile, any ideas about why the category links for “Filed under:” aren’t working? Something wrong with the_category or something?

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