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  • Hi,

    I have several wordpress sites, one main site with some sub-domain sites.

    Yesterday, I installed a new sub-site and the installation went well. When I had installed it, wordpress told me to update the database by clicking a button, and so I did.

    But then, when I was going to visit one of my other sub-sites, the web page was all blank. I tried to log in through /wp-admin, but the page got directed to my newly created sub-site, saying that the database already was updated o_0. All the other sub-sites work as before. It’s just this one site that does not work.

    I have called my web hotel supplier but they cannot find the problem. So, I created a new test sub-site and tried to upload a copy of the sub-site that got broken, and the same thing happened. Blank main page and when going to /wp-admin, redirection to my new sub-site telling me the database is ok.

    I removed the new sub-site but I still get directed to this sub-site.

    I cannot understand anything at all here!!

    This is the test site: and
    “Behöver inte uppgraderas. Din WordPress-databas är redan uppgraderad!” means “Does not need to be updated. Your WordPress-database is already up to date!”.

    Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong?


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