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    Hello all!!!
    If it possible add to your SportsPress updates new position on match box – “SUBSTITUTE” (for different languages) for players who was in match list but didnt play. So we can see separately 11 players and others.

    Because now visitor didnt understand – who played, who no.
    Players number 23 and 27 didnt played and just stay at match list.

    But in match box we didnt understand it.

    It will be better indicate all players who was on substitute at start of the match and who didn’t play in match will in other box

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Roch



    Thanks for reaching out, it’s always good to see you.

    That’s a good point.

    All subs have the “sub” class so maybe you could use them in your styling.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have an option for creating separate tables at the moment. You’d need a bit of custom code to achieve this.

    Please consider adding this to our ideaboard:


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    I understand but something problem with class “sub”
    i tried to change background (.sp-event-performance .sub { background: #e8d7d7;) but it using only for class=”sub even”

    if i adding new position in css – its doesnt work
    .sub odd { background: #e8d7d7;}

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    @rochesterj and also, why i didnt see time for substitution players in match box?
    i done it in “Edit Match”
    but didnt see time in match page

    and one more… in system you have wrong cursors for substitution.
    Players who leaves the field must have cursor ↓
    Players who will play ↑

    but now all players views ↓↓↓↓

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by novikser.
    Plugin Contributor Roch


    Hi novikser,

    How are you? I hope everything is fine.

    Please let’s keep one issue per topic 🙂

    Open new topics for each of the new issues so we can help you with them.

    Regarding this one, the CSS declaration is wrong.

    In CSS when we have multiple classes you can use both like this:

    .one.two {

    This will return only elements that have BOTH classes. But you don’t need to use both if you need to. In fact, by doing that you’d get only subs with the even class (for the zebra stripes in your table).

    You can simply use it like this:
    .sub { background: #e8d7d7;}

    But it’s very likely that this selector isn’t strong enough. You need to use something more specific or use the ! important declaration, like this:
    .sub { background: #e8d7d7 ! important;}


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    @rochesterj i uploaded another football plugin “football-leagues-by-anwppro”. i think you know about it.

    So they have a great match box view .. also nice blocks for all moments in match (LINE UPS -11 starts, SUBSTITUTES, CARDS and another) – its really great and comfortable for visitors.

    and also look how it easily created their “Edit Match” page today. Easely to choose start 11 , subs and match stat…

    Plugin Contributor Roch


    Hi there!

    I’ve never heard of that plugin, thanks for the recommendation.

    The design you mention there is very similar to what we have in the Pro version with the timeline:

    Regarding the edit match screen, that’s pretty similar to what we have with a few design changes. That works great for a controlled style, but since SportsPress depends on the rules you add (not just soccer) we can’t really use a design that is exactly like that one (we need more flexibility).

    Thanks for sharing either way.

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