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  1. DustinRyan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I made a dev installation to test a theme I was making and everything worked fine. Then, I went back to my live WordPress installation and did the same changes to there. It was running 3.0.1 so I had to update it, first.

    But when I tried to create sub-pages by assigning a parent when editing a page, I would hit publish and then the parent option would revert back to "no parent." No matter what, I can't get a page to stay as a sub-page to any other page.

    I apologize if I worded this badly. I haven't used WordPress in years, but I thought I understood the basics just fine. If someone could enlighten me, that would be great. Creating sub-pages worked fine on my test installation, I don't understand how it doesn't on my other WordPress blog. The software was updated to 3.4.2 and appears to be acting correctly other than this one problem. Help?

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