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  • I’ve searched for about 20 pages and I can’t find anyone with this problem…none of my sub-pages seem to post to their parent directory!?!?
    I have three sections to my site:

    1) Personal Blog
    2) Music Downloads
    3) Photos

    When I try to create a sub-page/post to the “Photos” page, nothing shows up there!!

    Am I missing something here?

    All I want is three links at the top of the page (which I have, using the blackminimalism template), each link/page with their own set of content. Like a normal website.

    Is this possible to do?
    It’s not asking that much…I don’t think.

    I’m a web designer of 10 years and so far I’m just banging my head against this system. Why is it so difficult to do basic posting?

    Why don’t my sub-pages post into the parent page they are associated with?
    Is this thing broken?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Maybe it would be helpful if we speak the same “language”.

    Are the 3 sections categories or Pages? [Pages as in

    When I try to create a sub-page/post… – Again, are we talking about posts or Pages? They behave differently.

    Sorry, Pages don’t show up…

    “Posts” work just fine, “Categories” work fine…
    but “Pages” only display the very first page, then nothing else. (So technically, “Sub-Pages” don’t seem to work.)

    My template uses a top and bottom nav…
    I was REALLY counting on being able to use the top nav,
    as a bottom nav is sort of counter-intuitive.

    But two of the three tabs at the top are “Pages”.


    Well, as I said, Pages behave differently, which means ONLY the content of ONE Page is normally displayed if permalink/title clicked.

    Pages are NEVER listed/displayed in the same way as posts on an index or archive view.

    Sub-Pages actually work, but not in the way you thought they would. They can serve for hierarchical organization of the content, but again, Pages (or sub-Pages for that matter) in WP, per definitionem, don’t have the “many-Pages-content-in-one-page” display.

    I’m confused then, if Pages can only hold the content of one page…
    then why are they used for navigation links at the top of so many templates? Why are there sub-pages then?

    I mean, I can’t even FIND the sub-pages after I create them…there’s no links to them!!

    “They can serve for hierarchical organization of the content…”

    Can you explain this in more detail, in what way are they hierarchical if they only hold one page worth of content and have no children?

    I’m just not understanding the logic behind pages…
    I understand that they don’t diplay the same way as a post, but is the content supposed to be listed in an archive format or what?

    My pages don’t list anything except the initial content for that page…sub-pages are just completely ignored…and obviously there isn’t enough room to keep creating parent pages.

    So how does one find Pages useful?

    Well, it might be difficult to clarify it, since you already have a (pre)conception about how Pages should work – according to your understanding 🙂

    Very briefly, the history of Pages: users wanted a kind of “static” (misnomer!) page that is NOT part of the chronological stream of posts, for things like: About, Contact Us, Links Collection etc. So, the “Pages” feature has been introduced since 1.5.

    The list of existing Pages in a WP install is displayed by using this template tag:
    The tag has a variety of parameters to manipulate what is displayed. If your read the Codex you can see there is even the possibility to display the list of sub-Pages on a Page, but NOT the content!

    So how does one find Pages useful?

    Pages are very useful if applied creatively with posts, categories and Category Templates.
    I have done that in a more CMS-like setting of WP.

    Ahh, I see…

    I was never expecting to see the content of sub-pages listed the same way posts are listed. Posts are “blog”, Pages are “Static”…I understood that.

    What I didn’t understand is why “Pages” didn’t automatically list the links to “sub-pages” (anywhere on the site) after I created them…it’s like a bait & switch.

    You tell me it’s there…
    but unless I read the entire manual I don’t get to find it!

    Not terribly user-friendly, but I appreciate the help.

    Fold Page Plugin

    Have try this?


    maybe this thread might help.

    There is also another topic that might be of interest:

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