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  • Hello.

    Been struggling with this one for a couple of days.

    Out of no where my sub-pages now all have the same top-na logo and menu bar across the top (see my site at

    How can i at least get rid of that large logo? Can I make it smaller and move the menu to the right aligned with it maybe?

    Thank you.

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  • Logo, Social Icons, Tagline & Navbar always appear at top of each page by default.

    The logo is coming from
    <img alt="Back Home" src="">

    Do you have a smaller logo? If so use that instead, or use a Picture Editor to resize it.

    Or read this:

    I’m pretty good at image manipulation (and I’ve coded HTML websites since 1995).

    So there is no way to get them off of the sub-pages? I could have sworn they were not there last week.

    Nic posted this a few days ago:

    You can add a class to a menu element.
    1) Go to admin > appearance > menu
    2) Click on Screen Options (top right of the screen)
    3) Check the CSS classes options in the “Show advanced menu properties” panel
    4) add your css classes to the element

    Then you can easily style your menu element with the custom css option or in your style.css if using a child theme.

    So you should be able to give each page a unique class & then use CSS to remove from all but the Home page.

    Uh…k. I’ll try.


    Not very proficient with .CSS or WP yet, but I’ll poke around.


    Okay. Did 1-3, but not sure how to “add your css classes to the element” or “give each page a unique”class.”

    For each item in your menu (eg Home-Blog-About Us etc)if you click on the Pagev it will reveal a box with CSS Classes (optional). You can enter a unique identifier for each Page (eg home-blog-aboutus or page1-page2-page3 etc). Note I’ve made it all lower-case/nospaces.

    This will enable you to then target the CSS at a specific page.

    (Hasten to add I’ve not yet tried this so we may hit a brick wall!)


    Got it.

    I’ll try now.

    Okay, I gave them all unique names (and I added .css, ie aboutus.css – is that correct?)

    Now how do I find the .css for each page to edit?.

    Ok, forget that last bit as not needed (sorry!)

    Each page already has a unique identifier:
    Home (home)
    About Us (page-id-22)
    Our Events (page-id-25)
    How To Help (page-id-28)
    Donations (page-id-33)
    Contact Us (page-id-35)

    So now try:

    .page-id-22 .brand, .page-id-25 .brand, .page-id-28 .brand, .page-id-33 .brand, .page-id-35 .brand {

    which should keep front-page logo intact, remove the others.

    @rdellconsulting @nikeo

    Wow thanks, that’s great.

    The more I get to know and play with Customizr the more I love it !! =)

    Weeeelll!!! That worked! At least on the logo! Huzzah!

    I still have the menu bar and news ticker on ever page though.

    .page-id-22 .navbar-inner, etc will remove the menubar (but how will Users traverse the site?)

    .page-id-22 .mtphr-dnt-tick-contents etc for the ticker

    Well, we are getting closer (and I don’t know how to thank you. I feel like I need to make a donation or something!).

    The ticker is off the sub pages, but the “DMF News” text still is not.

    Not sure what I am going to do with the menu bar. I may leave it. As far navigating the site, if nothing else I can code text links or buttons like a normal site, right?

    Starting to figure out the coding a bit more as well!

    Add .mtphr-dnt-title to above.

    I’d stick with the menu – that’s the usual way of traversing a site. You’ll confuse your audience if you change it.

    Don’t worry about donations, but could give a review

    Done! With pleasure!


    So any idea on how to get “DMF News” text off the sub pages as well?

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