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  • i think we are pushing the limits of wordpress’ capabilities here, but maybe i’m missing something.

    here’s the deal:

    we have a page with the slug “mortgage-rates”. then we have 50 sub-pages below that page, each with a slug being the name of a state, eg, “new-york”.

    now we have a category with the slug “auto-loans”. we have created 50 sub-categories below that category, each with a slug being the name of a state, eg, “new-york”.

    creating all this is not a problem, since the category/subcategory slugs are stored as taxonomy slugs in wp_terms, while the page slugs are stored in wp_posts. so wordpress allows the creation of 2 slugs “new-york” and does not see them as duplicates.

    however, clearly wordpress is taking the slug from the last part of the url and internally giving priority to slugs in the wp_posts table over those in the wp_terms table. when i try to access this url:


    wordpress instead redirects me to this url:


    short of hacking the wordpress core files (NOT desirable), can anyone suggest a way around this? any useful thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks much in advance.


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