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    My partner and I have had a WordPress website running since the beginning of the year that a friend helped build for us. Unfortunately the friend has been missing in action for a while now, and we’ve been left to figure out any problems we encounter ourselves (and we unfortunately know almost nothing about WP).

    Here’s our most recent problem, which we can’t seem to figure out:

    The sub-menus of our main menu are now being cut-off (not fully showing when they are triggered). The sub-menus don’t seem to show past the point where they meet the featured images from our INK theme. This is ONLY happening on the main home page, though (as soon as you go to any other page, then the sub-menus fully show again). Here’s our site so you can see for yourself:
    (Note: Only four of the menu items trigger sub-menus).

    This problem only started happening as of Sunday. The ONLY things we did since then (which might be the cause of the problem) are this:

    * We updated all of our plug-ins that needed updating. Our friend who initially helped us with the site told us to wait on making updates to make sure they worked. We run online workshops on our site, and this was a “down cycle” for us with our most recent workshop having just ended — so we figured it would be safe to do any updates now. We weren’t paying attention to what we were updating, though, and don’t know if something “broke” our main menu. (Note: We also updated to WP 3.6, but the sub-menu problem was happening before that).

    * We installed a MailChimp plug-in, and attempted to add a widget for it on our main page. It didn’t look right, so we immediately removed it (the widget…we’re not sure how to remove the plug-in). However, we think THIS might be the actual reason the sub-menus are getting cut off on the main page now.

    And…that’s it. Those are the only things we did in the past two days that might have affected the sub-menus somehow. It’s a mystery as to why this is suddenly happening, and we couldn’t seem to find an answer to this problem on the forums (or at least one we understood).

    We tested our site on Safari, Firefox, and various mobile devices, and it happens now on all of them.

    Anyone have any idea what might be causing the sub-menu problem, and how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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