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Sub-Menu not working properly

  • http://www.eastbergholtchurch.co.uk/retestingit/

    Please have a look at the site

    I am currently developing a website (see post above)

    This is the first time I have used WordPress but am wondering if there is a way for sub-menu items ONLY to be clickable rather than the tab…

    At present if I click ‘St Mary’s’ for example… it will take me through to another page called St Mary’s… However, I don’t want St Mary’s to be a page in its own right.. I only want people to click on it to get access to the sub-menu

    Really hope that makes sense!!


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  • One thing you can do is create your menu from the appearances/menu, you’ll have to add a url to St Mary otherwise it won’t save, but then you can edit the menu and remove the url once St Mary is added to the menu.you can then add sub menus. just tested it, it works.
    hope this helps, you can also contact me at nathalie(at)doremieux.org if you need more help

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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