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  • It has to do with the fact that neither of your parent pages have proper links in the menu (one has no link and the other goes to http://X ). This solution applies specifically to those who want to keep the parent links functional.
    Replace the custom placeholders you have now with proper pages in your menu and you might solve the problem.

    If the suggestion above doesn’t solve the problem, please remove the snippet so I can take a look at how your menu looks normally and realize why it’s not working.

    The real problem is that, in your installation, the class “open” does not get applied to the parent’s containing li, therefore your submenus do not open for mobiles. I have to see if this also happens without the snippet, or it is caused by the preg_replace.

    Hi Acub,
    Thanks lot for your help.
    yes I have keep parent page without link to make them just show as label
    (Is there a better way to do that?)
    I have removed the parent label and replace with the real pages but still did’t work. So i removed the snippet ( without snippet sumenus not opening in laptop screen also)
    Please have look and advise to me to how to sort this out
    Thanks again

    The Tweeter Bootstrap jquery script that toggles the “open” class to your parent containing li doesn’t seem to be working. Reinstalling Customizr might fix this.
    Another cause might be a plugin that uses a newer bootstrap library than 2.3.2. Try disabling plugins one by one to see if your submenus start opening again.

    My advice is to remove the snippet until you find the source of the problem and only apply the snippet after your submenus open on click.

    Hi acub..
    Thanks again… yes plugin interaction was the issue…. after deactivation some plugin i was able to make the submeus working.
    Thanks lot.
    ( I have posted another questions regarding “Add more features content to hoe page” –
    but still didn’t have luck yet.. if you can please help on that too)
    kind regards
    Dr. Lasantha

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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