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[Resolved] Sub menu issue in version 1.15 update

  • I just updated one of my sites to the newest version of the plugin and encountered a big issue. The sub menus are not working properly. Upon hovering the sub menu pops up on top of the main menu instead of next to it and displays html code instead of the menu title and items.

    I’ll stay with the previous version until this is fixed.


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  • I’m already on it, I’ll have another version up in a few minutes.

    Done. Please try again… Uploaded version 1.16
    I simplified the popovers and they are now CSS instead of jQuery.
    This makes it lighter and there are no more bugs there (though admittedly jQuery was a bit prettier).

    Well, it fixes the issue that the menu is only showing html. However…

    In Chrome on my Mac, the sub-menu now displays well, but indeed a lot less pretty than it was before.

    In Firefox on my Mac, I now get a double sub menu. The same, less pretty one as in Chrome, with the prettier one on top of it (wit some other small issues (like not resizing the width of the menu according to the lenght of the items and displaying a white arrow next to the sub menu title).

    Hope you can fix this. For now, still staying with v1.14.

    Well I finally managed to track this issue back to the updated Bootstrap 2.3.0 javascript.
    I downgraded the file in question so everything should be all right now.
    If you have a few minutes to test it I’d really appreciate it! (version 1.16.2)

    Works great again. Thanks a lot for all the extra work!

    I’m just glad it works again!
    Thank you for testing this and providing your feedback! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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