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    Hi! I just tried to add a new page as a sub-menu on my Navigation Menu. I dragged and dropped the page under the appropriate parent menu, but when I “saved menu” it just shifted everything under that category back to the left. Now my navigation menu is entirely messed up and I can’t figure out how to fix it. The drag and drop feature is not working when I try to save menu.

    I have deactivated all plug-ins, tried changing the theme, and nothing seems to help. Any advice please?

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  • Hi, I feel for you, had this (and other) issues myself.

    Have a look here –

    Hi! Thanks for your response! I switched the browser that I was using and that seemed to fix the problem for now. Again, I appreciate the help!

    In WordPress, I suddenly – i.e. WITHOUT ANY changes! To Anything! – lost the ability to drag and drop Widgets. Again, NO CHANGES, so don’t EVEN offer any standard answers like ‘It’s now an option in Settings’, etc.

    After poking around, I found a semi-solution. In the ‘Admin’ login mode at WordPress, I clicked on ‘Screen Options’ in the upper right, then in the upper middle of the page, I clicked on “Enable accessibility mode” and it would let me edit the widgets manually without having to drag them.

    This still doesn’t answer why I can’t drag and drop the Widgets. Interestingly, I still can drag and drop them at another website’s WordPress Admin page, so that MIGHT mean it’s a WordPress issue, but again, why did it stop working from one click to the next with no changes, and how do we fix it? I don’t know!

    That’s often a javascript issue and possibly related to a plugin being cranky. The standard troubleshooting steps are to first make sure you’ve cleared any and all caches on your site, server and browser. Then if still broken, deactivate all your plugins and see if that fixes it. If fixed, reactivate one by one to see if one is being troublesome. If not, reset the plugins folder by using FTP to rename the folder temporarily. If still not fixed, change to the default theme.

    EDIT – BTW, for future reference it’s really better to start a new thread rather than posting in one that is already marked resolved.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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