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    I am running forceschild theme.
    my site is

    I am not sure about the idea yet but I want to access quite a lot of pages from a sub menu. These will be pages to Counties in the UK.
    When I started putting the sub menu in pointing to the pages I found that suddenly I came to a point where I could not add anymore, and that when I did one of my menu columns started to remove sub menu items.

    On the site it is the Scottish Veterans Menu that has lost some of its sub menu items.

    My question is – is there a limit to the amount of sub menu items you can display in customizer?

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  • Don’t think so.
    And it’s weird you cannot add other submenus there, ’cause clearly English Veterans has a lot more submenus than Scottish Veterans.

    So what happens id I cannot resolve this issue through the forum. It is looking at the moment that the customizr theme has a flaw…which is going to mean a lot of hard work to change it all onto a new theme…

    This means that you tried with another theme and you don’t have that issue?
    Also, “we” told you, there should be no limits for that, and you can see that “English Veterans” has so many sub-items than “Scottish Veterans” ..

    Out of curiosity.. what happens if you move that “Scottish Veterans” menu item before “Welsh Veterans” ?

    I completed the english veterans menu first as it is to list all the counties then the Irish one and then made a start on the Scottish one which came to a standstill at the N’s. I then added one Welsh Veterans sub menu item and thus reduced the Scottish Veteran Sub Menu by one (i.e. taking one off)?

    In my opinion, if you care about it 😀 , there’s a limit somewhere, but it’s not a customizr issue, ’cause it doesn’t do anything to limit something like that.
    Did you googled for this issue?
    Did you try another theme? Also twenty-“whatever”, adding that menu as main menu (you don’t have to build up from scratch, it’s always there) and see if the issue occurs? If the issue occurs, clearly, isn’t a customizr issue.

    first result in google searching “menu items limit in wordpress”:

    Now that I have changed it around I was able to add another Scottish Veterans sub menu but this reduced the Northern Irish one by one losing Tyrone

    What about the link I gave you?
    Looks like the same issue, clearly not related to customizr.

    Yes it looks that way?

    So try to apply what suggested there.

    I have managed to change the php.ini to 9000 and everything is working fine now. I owe you for this. Just one more issue to sort now with a plugin and everything is fine again. Thanks again and I am sorry I doubted Customizr…

    Doubt is healthy 🙂
    Glad you solved.
    Could you mark this topic as resolved?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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