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    Its got me. Have now setup MultiSite 4 times, reverting to saved image and starting again when things were not perfect.
    Now I get the multi site dropdown, get network admin dashboard, can setup new sites, can change URL’s, can visit site and get a ‘hello world’ page from a domain, I can add users to the site and they get emailed a password but cannot signon, nor can I signon as admin to any site to change pages. The signon page just flips back to blank, or guff about cookies not being enabled (which they are). I have obviously cleared cache, rebooted, tried different browsers. I can enter (sub) domain URL/wp-login.php and get signon screen but any login is ignored but returned with
    I feel really beaten this time, one day someone will invent diagrams to describe WP architecture instead of text, text, text! Any one know please. Cheers, Richard UK

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    When you cleared cache, did you dump cookies too?

    Cache cleared too, in both IE and Chrome and MC cold started. I’d seen some posts that refer to the site ID being an issue but sense this may be out of date stuff? Never had a working MS environment yet so not sure how much is tied up to the original/primary domain. With a user ‘richard’ on site#2 I can do a lost password request, the url domain name changes from site#2 to site#1, I enter user ‘richard’ then it sends the mail to the correct address with a link to site#1 signon but the link immediately resolves with a message ‘sorry that key does not appear to be valid’. Probably all a red herring but I’m now clutching at straws, do you know where I can go and look to see what sites are tied up with what passwords? I can setup a new user for site#2 and an email is dutifully generated with a login link and password but still no joy. Aaargh.

    Joy of joys I found a solution. CHACHA posted in July/2012
    I added this to my wp-config.php and everything worked, instantly!
    define(‘ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH’, ‘/’);
    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);
    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ”);
    define(‘SITECOOKIEPATH’, ”);

    If anyone can explain why then it might help all those other desperate souls out there searching for the solution but cast adrift in the world of self-help. Cheers, Richard (UK)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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