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  1. joegwynn
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have wordpress installed at http://www.joegwynn.co.uk and I want to have a completely separate blog installed at http://www.dev.joegwynn.co.uk.

    If i install it as usual, will it cause problems with my existing site?

    Only I did a similar thing in the past where one wp was installed on my home directory whilst another was installed on joegwynn.co.uk/kimmwp and this caused problems with both sites - I thought maybe a 'sub domain' might make it easier.

    Apologies for my newbieness, I can't seem to find a relevant topic. I feel like this should be very straight forward, I'm just worried about the affects of having two separate installations. I'm not interested in having multiple blogs on a single installation unless that is the best way to do it...

    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. No, two absolutely separate installs should not affect each other.

    If they do it would be more a host issue than WP itself.

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