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  1. dchase
    Posted 4 years ago #

    For some reason any post or page on any sub domain site redirects to the primary site. This is not related to updating to 3.03 since it happened before that. I am not sure it is related to the htaccess file either. Two additionally strange things that I noticed points away from htaccess:
    1.) In the ms-sites.php listing of sites, all the sites show up as '/'. The settings all look ok and I can still get to the backend and homepage for them all.
    2.) When moving between backends as a super admin, it requires me to login to each instead of being logged in to all...

    Here is the site: thepointnews.com and if you to, for instance, http://emails.thepointnews.com/smcm/2010/12/08/missing-books-from-educational-studies, it takes you right back to thepointnews.com

    Please help!

  2. Did someone change the blog type setting in the config file (subdomain = true)?

    And did anyone remove the wildcard subdomain record?

  3. dchase
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Looks like vhost was set to no. Must have happened last month when I was restoring some files after I broke the site, not sure why it took so long to find...

    Thanks for helping me track that down. By the way, is it worthwhile to update the MU config variables to the new MS variables?

  4. By the way, is it worthwhile to update the MU config variables to the new MS variables?

    no, because it will break things. :)

    Upgraded MU installs do not need the new variables in config. The devs decided making people do that was too error prone & confusing and wanted something as easy and smooth a process as possible.

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