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    I have a WPMU install at
    I am using the subdomain method.
    I have wildcard domains enabled on server.
    I have the Domain Mapping plugin installed
    Creating a new sub-blog gives me
    All works well, as intended by core WPMU.

    I have existing websites, all with non-WP content, folders, forums, static files, etc. They can not move.

    I want to point to a sub-blog of the WPMU install.

    Example: Existing site (domain2) – split a subdomain off, lets say for prettypictures. I want to send to the WPMU equilvalent of

    I can not park the full domain ontop of domain1 because it has existing content, it’s own account on server.

    I can not make it an add-on domain because of the same thing.

    I can not, by default in WHM/Cpanel – make a subdomain and point it to the WPMU domain – because it will only send to sub-folders of it’s own domain.

    So, how can I map a subdomain of an already existing website that can not move or be altered to a subdomain blog of a WPMU installation.

    If you need additional details, let me know. Thanks for any help!

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  • OK, I think I found it. Updating here for anyone looking in future.

    In cPanel, you must log in as root.

    Go to “DNS Functions”

    Go to “Park a Domain”

    Select your WPMU domain (site 1 in WPMU) from list.

    In text box to the right of it, enter your desired subdomain, the one you want to split off from your existing site.

    If you do that, and normal Domain Mapping steps prior to that, should properly send just the subdomain of an existing site to a WPMU sub-site.

    I used this as a general guide for regular Domain Mapping install:

    “Map domains to your network sites” is the part of that tutorial that you need to apply the above info to.

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