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  • I have a sub-domain multi-site WP install and want to know if there is a way to access the each site wp-admin as if it was a sub-directory multi-site install?

    I have a cert for the main site however it does not support wildcard, SSL is not required for people visiting the sites. However I would like the sites’ admins to access their wp-admin via the main site so they can use SSL.

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  • I’m not super clear on your goal. Do you want everyone to go to and then redirect to a child blog after that?

    I’m pretty sure the current functionality of multisite is to redirect the user to whatever site they have been added to, even if they use the root site’s wp-admin login.

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    I want visitors that wish to visit a blog/site (ex: site2) to go to http://site2.themainsite.tld , however site2 administrators would go to https://themainsite.tld/wp-admin/site2 URL to edit/work on the site/blog.

    Wildcard SSL certs are expensive and the blog visitors are not logging into anything or entering anything that would need encryption. However the main site does have a free SSL cert for logging in securely so I would like all the blogs/sites to use the main site url for administration access.

    Yes this is how we did it:
    1) configure WP multisite sub-directory
    2) install and configure Domain Mapping plugin
    3) various system configurations (e.g. redirect all http requests for to https)

    When I create a subsite1, it gets a WP url of I (domain) map that url to Users only see that url; admins use Ive added a number of other security measures so that doesnt run any php (wp-login.php or wp-admin/* requests return errors)

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    Thank you jkhongusc.

    At first things did not go well as the sub sites were not behaving. However after cloning them from sub-domain sites to sub-directory sites then deleting the sub-domain sites things started working normally.

    Really all WP multi site installs should be sub-directory then use domain mapping plugin to make them sub-domain. However in a perfect world the sub-directory sites should be contained in a sub-directory ex: https://mymainsite.tld/sites/sub-site/ instead of https://mymainsite.tld/sub-site/
    Then there would be no chance of some one creating a site with the same name as one of the existing pages/directories of the main site.

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