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  • Hello,
    I’ve a MU running the MU domain mapping plugin, it working fine but I wanted to map a subdomain from a non-main blog domain, something like this: (primary blog – ok) (working) (mapped from – working) (that is the question…)

    Can you advise me on the way to map correctly wich is actually .

    Thanks you. Have a nice day

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  • Map to just like you mapped to

    do I need to add a wildcard or a A record in my dns setting for because blog id 4 ( mapped to doesn’t seem to work.

    That depends on what ‘doesn’t work’ means and how you added in the beginning. I was lazy and just made a cPanel subdomain for 🙂

    It doesn’t work because I can’t access to 🙂 , I can access it by, site1 is the main blog (id 1), site2 is wich is already mapped to . I tried creating a subdomain in cpanel for pointing to the main directory, but it doesn’t work either.

    What does “I can’t access…” mean?

    You go to and see … what?

    I mean a 404 error page, and a few others tests made some infinite redirection loop… I don’t find any solution.

    And what does the 404 look like? WordPress? A sever error?

    Server error.

    The issue is NOT WordPress then 🙂 You’re not setting up the domain/subdomain right on your server.

    Without domain mapping (the plugin), if you properly setup the new domain, it will redirect to the ‘master’ domain.

    Check the DNS on and Do they both resolve to the same IP?

    You may need to ask your webhost how to park a subdomain.

    Yes it redirect to the main blog without domain mapping of course.

    What’s the actual server error?

    You’ll notice how I’m being really picky about this? If I can’t see what you’re doing, then you have the responsibility to be as clear as possible about what you’re seeing. Saying “an error” or “it doesn’t work” doesn’t help me understand what the real issue is at all.

    If you could actually give us the real URLs, it goes faster.

    I create a sub domain in cpanel pointing to the root of the main blog aka -> working

    If I create a domain mapping: to blog id 4 -> server error 404.

    Check the DNS on and Do they both resolve to the same IP?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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