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  • Hi,
    I have a multisite wordpress installed and I have the following problem: I created 7 sites but only 5 of them appear under the “My sites” menu in the upper tool bar of the multisite control panel.
    The sites are all sub-directories (,, etc…).
    How can I make them all appear under such menu?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Please provide me a working URL of your website,–so I can take a closer look.

    Hey, thanks. The site is

    Okay, you said you have 7 sites via subdirectories… your list of your other sites can be found at yoursite/wp-admin/network. Go to <i>All My Sites</i>, or something similar; you will see your full list of your sites there.
    Be sure you have the latest version of wordpress installed in your server via your hosting provider.

    Ok, I can see that list with all my 7 sites. So you say that the latest version of WordPress should automatically display them under that drop down menu which opens up when I hover my cursor above “My Sites” in the network control panel?

    Currently I have WordPress 4.3.8 installed. I believe that I did update WordPress some time ago and the problem was still there.

    Provide me working URLs of your subsites as you can. Try accessing your subsites normally. If you can’t you had an outdated version of WordPress. You may need to go to the updates control panel and activate the update button. Try reinstalling WordPress, and update it to the newer version. I’m on version 4.7.2 currently. If your WordPress version is out of date… your site is susceptible to malware, and other security threats.

    Sure, here they are:

    I must also add that on the upper settings bar that should show below the browser’s address bar is grayed out and inaccessible/invisible (there’s just a gray bar without text) when I am logged in.
    It appears in all other subsites of the network except for that one.

    I updated WP, but the problems remain.

    What are the issues what you’re really encountering with your site, and what are the steps to reproduce a problem?
    Try to provide as much details as you can,–so I can figure this out.
    I believe you have trouble interacting with the admin bar on your website. Do you have plugins or themes that are causing a problem to your site… or your site is infected with malware?

    Yes, the admin bar is not showing on one site ( which has Weaver II theme as well as other 3 blogs of the network that don’t have the same issue (the admin bar shows correctly).
    And in the network admin bar the My Sites drop down menu does not show all 7 blogs of my network, just 5.

    The currently active plugins on the network are

    Audio player
    AVH First Defense Against Spam Plugin
    Child Theme Configurator
    Hello Dolly
    Importatore WordPress
    Link Manager
    Multisite Widgets
    Sidebar personalizzate (Custom sidebars)
    Simple Custom CSS
    Social Media Widget
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Weaver II Maintenance
    Weaver II Theme Extras
    WordPress Hit Counter

    though I believe I could remove some of them as I am not using all in every site.

    How could I check if I have malware on my blog?
    I notice some comment spam every now and then.
    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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