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  • I am using categories and sub-categories to organize my content and use a %category%%post-name% permalink structure. This means that a typical url for a post in a sub-category is: . Since my url’s are longer then I would like with this type of url structure, I removed the /category/ category base slug (not the %category% from the permalink url) from the URL via the permalink settings page to get a typical subcategory url of (notice the /category/ immediately after is no longer present as is the case with any category when /catgeory base is used). This has created the following issue: my categories utilize my category.php template, but my sub-categories do not, they use the index.php template….. this means that sub-categories are not excerpts as they would be if they used my category template, among other changes that I have implemented in my category template……. this issue goes away if I simply add back the /category/ category base to my url structure, but this means my already long url’s get even longer…. example: as opposed to

    Any feedback appreciated!

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  • Sorry if I wasn’t clear, any feedback appreciated on how I can enable to have my sub-categories recognize the category.php template when I disable the /category/ category base slug… thanks!

    Do NOT use just /%postname%/ for your permalinks, you’ll only have problems. If a category slug is making your urls too long, shorten the Category Slug in Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories.

    To clarify: I use %category%/%postname& for my default permalink structure. I was referring to removing the %category% category base slug as shown at bottom of permalink options page (the default /category/ that is present in url every time you show a category) so a default url is : as opposed to the default of with the /category/ base slug

    hope this helps…

    Hmmm…. if I remove the category base by editing rewrite.php in wp-includes by removing category/ (as opposed to permalinks options page where you would put /. in category base to remove category base altogether) my sub categories do utilize the category.php template correctly, but the single page permalinks do not work……. so if you click on a post title to read the article and or comments….. you get a 404 …..

    If you leave Category base blank, it defaults to category, so how are you removing it? I would strongly recommend that you do not try to do this.

    I screwed this up in previous references, disregard postname in any above url references….I am referring to category and subcategory url’s and accidentally included /postname when I shouldn’t have…

    I’m removing the category base though the permalinks options page which give you the ability to change the category and tag bases at the bottom of the page…. if you use /. as your category base it removes the /category/ base or you can change the base to whatever word you choose….

    The goal isn’t to create more trouble then its worth, which is probably the end result here… so if the category base must stay…then stay it will…. 🙂

    /. is not the right way to go about this, there are plugins which can remove the category base, but they require you to have a static feature in your permalink slugs… like prefix-%postname%, or %postname%.html for instance, so that the system can tell the difference between posts and categories.

    I will warn you though, I’ve experimented with %category%/%postname% quite heavily, and I can tell you that any pages listing multiple posts will be *MUCH* higher in queries, because each time the permalink is called, wordpress will have to query the database to trickle-down the parent/child relationship between categories in order to generate the permalink.

    this can really overload your site if you’re not careful.

    ultimately? not worth it. You can use a really short category base to get around most issues, and if you don’t like date based permalinks, then set your structure to /articles/%postname% – which allows you to make an /articles/ page to lay out all your categories in a sitemap format.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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