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  • In the screenshots I have seen that wp supports multiply posting in different kind of categories … but I have no idea where to get information about this and import it in my blog
    sorry for bad english
    my lame blog: 🙂

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  • arpecop,
    What version of WP do you have installed?
    The way that posts can appear in multiple categories is built into WP from version 1.02 and up, I believe. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Anyway, all you have to do to have your post in multiple categories, is first of all, have a number of categories created, and then when you are creating the post, to the right of the post text box is a box that lists all of the categories. You simply check which category, or categories, you wish to have the post placed into.

    yes the version is 1.02 the check squares doesn’t look like this screenshot
    if I understand correct from little reading of this support blog … the last version 1.02 doesn’t support subcategories latest versions supports , it’s hard to understanding
    regards: arpecop

    Subcategories are implemented in 1.2, which is currently in alpha. It can be downloaded as a nightly or through the CVS (see download page).
    1.0.2 does not support subcategories.

    Cena … how did u download the latest version there are writen; login
    is it for linux users or… I am so confused with this upgradings my server is temporary down 🙁
    I will glad to find packed 1.2 version
    thank to all

    If you’re using Windows, my article about downloading the CVS might be useful:

    yeah but is 1.0.2 ver either … I hope that is good tool if now isn’t accessible try : sourceforge

    nightlies are not 1.0.2 they are closest to CVS version available as a complete download. they are max 1-2 days older than the current CVS version…

    and what is the steps upgrading wp download all zipped file again … OK this is not proble but I am scare to upload that all unzipped folder again … I see in there are different file size of zipped files … how updatind is easyer
    Thank you

    see installing nightlies is a risky procedure and hence not recommended for production blogs…

    In this case : upgrading subcategories function … what is the right desission ?

    wait for the new release. which is just around the corner.
    sure u can live with the current blog though a bit lacking on features but functional!
    if u dont mind taking the backup, doing the update and be ready for any mishap… u are welcome to do the nightlies.
    mind u, i have lost quiet a lot of hair doing the nightlies regularly 😉

    yaaah Open Source rulez! whatever … but 4 GUI users it’s hard work to modifying … just 2 questions … when new release is availiable .. I have just to run wp-admin/upgrade.php true?
    second one: If I organiza Categories now and continue working on my blog after upgradin will be possible to reorganiza categories ?
    Thanks to all and sorry 4 bad english again

    yeah everything is customizable after upgrades too.
    and well, we just run the upgrade script to upgrade…
    what future holds who knows.
    dont worry there would be a lot of guys who would have the same question so the answer would be pretty clearly explained. 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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