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  • Reflecting to almost daily recurring posts regarding certain problems like mysql character conversion and so many more questions about the same, same problems, it occured to me that perhaps it was time to specialize a bit the main themes of the forum.

    At the present there are seven main subject to choose from and though, the wordpress forum is the most immense resource of information (I have always been able to find solutions or suggestions for most of my problems) there are and there always be people who could not find their way in the “maze”.

    Even the most devoted helper will come to exhaustion answering the same question the hundredth time.

    I like the forum as it is now because it has a certain “feel” like being at home or something like this.

    Nevertheless, it feels like it is beginning outrun itself or gets saturated (not sure I use the right words to express myself).

    So, I would suggest to open up sub-themes or categories for the most recurring questions.

    Or, anyone has some idea to solve this issue ?

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  • For some of the common problems, we’ve tried to get things moved over to the Codex.

    The problem isn’t the organization of the information. But more with what people search for. And sometimes it’s hard to know the right question to ask.


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