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sub categories (expandable)

  • Hi -I am looking for a way to make a category expandable into sub categories.

    I would like to have a main parent category, for instance “Cancer” with a small arrow icon next to it (like the one next to “accessories” under all programs in the start menu of Microsoft)that when the parent category (with the arrow) is elected/scrolled over the auto generated, hidden child (sub categories) display/drop down… Any ideas? Even a clickable parent category that indicates a drop down menu would suffice. Though I would prefer the auto generated sub category to display when the parent category is selected… like the “accessories” feature (in MS)does mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance! BB

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  • Have you taken a look at these plugins to see if one suits your needs?



    Seems like this guy solved that challenge: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/93853?replies=5

    Nitallica – thanks, I will forward it to my developer… and see if it is what the doctor ordered! thanks again.

    HandySolo – I checked out the link you so kindly provided – thanks! While it is close to what I’m looking for, it lacks the auto generated subcategory display feature I was seeking/hoping for… You have to click on the parent category and get redirected to view any/all subdirectories… I would prefer the “auto generated sub category to display when the parent category is selected … like the “accessories” feature (in MS) does in the start menu under all programs.”

    The multiple page clicks are an annoying detour… I would like the ability to select the relevant hidden subcategory while still at the homepage/same page I was at already – that is before being redirected…

    While this plug-in hints that there are in fact other subcategories (via a number following the named parent category) you can’t access them from there…

    thanks, BB

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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