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  • At long last, there are sub-categories in WP. Some may not see why it’s needed, but it’ll help me on keeping related things organized. At any rate, I’m having a bit of an issue with sub-categories.
    I created a new category and set its parent to an existing category. I then took two existing posts, which were in the parent cat, and moved them to the sub cat. View the site, and I see now that the sub cat appears in my category link listing. Cool, I click on it…… I get my main page. WTF?
    What’s going on is that I have the parent cat excluded ($cat = “-2”;) from the main page… when I took that out, the link to the sub cat worked as expected, except now the posts shows on the main page, which I don’t really want.
    For now I will settle for having it on the main page, since it’s the next thing to fall off any ways, but if someone could take a looksie and see what’s going on, that would be great.

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  • Aaand… when I edit a category, if it’s the top category…. there’s no way to maintain it as the top category….

    Are Sub-categories implemented in WP 1.0.1 miles?! Thought they are planned for version 1.1 … So, how did you define a category as a parent for another via the interface?
    Another question: Are categories ordered by comments? f.e. <!– 1 cat –> Ontopcat

    I don’t know if it’s in Miles, but it was in last night’s nightly (1-28-2004). As for setting the parent cat… it’s rather simple. Either Edit and existing category, and there is a drop down box to set the parent. BE CAREFUL! If you go to edit the parent category, there is no way at the moment to keep it as such, it will want to move it.
    For adding a new category, there is a drop down there as well.
    I’m not sure I get your last question regarding comments.

    Subcategories aren’t in 1.0.1 Miles… but they ARE (in a rudimentary form) in the nightly builds.

    Thats one solution for category-listing:
    Every Cat. get a comment with a digit.
    <!– 1 –>Category A
    <!– 3 –>Category C
    <!– 2 –>Category B
    Result in a list displayed like this:
    Category A
    Category B
    Category C
    Got it? Is this the only way to (re-)order
    the category-list? But – it works…
    Nightly builds?! I sleep at night.
    I am not Coffee Anan. ; )

    yeap i tried the sub cats… i find it used up a little bit more queries

    Seems the “none” option got lost for parent category… shouldn’t be too hard to fix.
    I’ll take a look at the exclude problem this evening.
    As for queries, we’re working at keeping them as low as possible…

    GamerZ – yeah, I noticed that too, my page times have gone from less than .5 seconds to about 1.73 seconds…. But I can’t complain too much. It’s still fairly quick.
    webicus: It took me a while, but I think I got it now… AFAIK categories are sorted by their name, so by manipulating the name, you can resort them. I think there are also other options to sort by (like by ID) but I don’t know what they are. If the comment thing will work or not…. I don’t know…. somehow I don’t think so, since it gets rendered as a link at the same time. Try it and find out.

    If the sub-cats are slowing down performance, we definitely need to find a way to bring them up to the current speed or introduce an option to disable them for users that don’t want to use the feature.

    My testing of Miles and the nightly are as follows:
    Miles: avg 0.027 seconds
    nightly: avg 0.032 seconds
    Of course, this is my test install which has only the default entry. I’ll work on doing some more in depth testing once I’ve added some dummy entries.

    The queries count is still quite okie, just extra 2 queries. But from the look of the code on the admin site, it looks like it will be alot.
    Wonder if this sub-cats code will help:

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Reading the entire category structure into a global array and recursing over the array (instead of the database) would be a very logical next step.

    yeap =D

    Just about finished with fixing the admin to use arrays instead of the DB. Once I’m statisfied it works, we’ll be all set.
    TechGnome: Are you still experiencing slowdown from sub-cats? Looks to me like you’re back at .5-.6 seconds.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Yes, if you’re posting on relative slowdowns try to control the enviroment as much as possible to eliminate other factors. Of course this can be hard for many people, so don’t worry too much about it.

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