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  • hello people,

    I would like to add some levels of subcategories, but don’t know how.

    I’ll try to explain it better:
    by default, content is structured in sections (level 0, for example) and categories (level -1). I’d like to go deeper with sub-categories (-2), sub-sub-categories (-3), sub-sub-sub-categories (-4), sub-sub-sub-sub-categories (-5).

    is it possible, may be hacking the code?

    if someone knows how to do it, please contact me here or by email at don_diego_2007 at yahoo dot it

    tks in advance!

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  • may be my previous post was a little incomplete:

    the main problem is to show the list of sub categories only when you are browsing the parent category.

    when I’m in home page, I want to see:

    europe | africa | america | asia | oceania

    only when I’m in ‘europe’ I want to see:

    italy | spain | france | ecc.

    and so on, when I’m in ‘italy’ I want to see:

    food | history | girls 😉 | ecc.

    is it possible?

    tks again

    You can definitely have sub-categories that work the way you describe. To create a sub-category, simply create a new category and put the name of the category you wish it to be under in the field called Category parent.

    I’m not sure yet if that works for deeper levels. I was seeking the answer to that very question when I came across your inquiry here.

    WordPress will allow you to place sub-categories under sub-categories.

    Yes, but can you prevent sub-cateogries from showing except when the parent is selected? I couldn’t see how so the whole category list looks a very long mess.

    I have played with the list_cats() parameters to no avail. Neither can I find a plug-in for v2.3

    I would love to hear that it is my stupidity and that it IS possible after all!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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