• The options are great, and this is definitely one of the more stylish social plugins. Also doesn’t hog up all the server power with overuse of the admn-ajax.php, so it’s great for shared hosting plans. However, it requires registration on Shareaholic’s website, and the control panel is more difficult to navigate than it was on older versions of this plugin. I can normally find my way through settings just fine, but this one isn’t terribly intuitive. I had to hit up the help button on their website just to figure out where the options were hidden. Oh, and there seems to be a bit of data mining going on. Related posts and tweets and pins and…well, all of it appears to be routed through their servers. Not cool. I’ll only be using this one until I have time to seek out a replacement.

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  • Hi ysar! You can find all of the primary options via the Edit buttons, and you shouldn’t run into an issue with needing to register unless you wish to edit your General Website Settings. You can use the Share Buttons and Related Content apps with full styling control without signing up for a user account, just like before, but now we offer many additional customization options, and our new apps are eve built to be more designer-friendly when it comes to custom modding.

    As for routing through our servers, one of our services is site analytics, which is automatically included in the plugin. Related Content data is also parsed on our server to relieve load on yours as well as tied in with Shareaholic Analytics (which is part of the equation in providing the related content recommendations).

    Just to give an example: Let’s say you perform a search on Google, the links are routed through their server to collect data, which is used when calculating page ranking. We provide some similar functionality with our analytics, but privacy is important to us. We aren’t using your information or your site’s data for profit. We are a small team, completely funded by angel investors who believe in the Open Share ideal. Our products and services are free and available to everyone; we throw all of our time and love into continuing to expand and enhance all that we offer in order to be the very best we can for both ourselves and you, because we believe in what we do and aren’t a weekend development project.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

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