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  • So far I have styled the search field (input) and search button.
    Which only took me a fraction of 10 seconds to even complete.

    On the other hand..

    The text preceding the search field (input) and the search button is quite annoying. I can’t seem to find the file or text that contains the preceding text.

    My Current Example/
    Search For: (Search Input) (Search Button)

    What I want/
    (Search Input) (Search Button)

    I already have the styling done but I just have no idea where the “Search For:” is coming from. I did a global search and find-all function on dreamweaver and notepad but it isn’t anywhere..

    Am I missing something?

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  • I’m assuming the “Search For:” is integrated into WordPress?

    If so, how does one remove this god awful text..
    There has to be a way because a lot of WordPress themes don’t have this integrated..

    Alright so I solved this problem on my own.. thankfully it only took 5 minutes. I’ll post the answers right now for future troubled members!

    1. Open searchform.php in any text editor (Located in your theme’s directory)
    2. Locate class=”assassistive-text” label as “s” and change the text located within the PHP tags.

    Interesting !

    May I ask how you styled the search field and search button ?

    I’m using the TwentyEleven theme and the search button background is the same as the general background. I would like to make it white.

    Thanks for your help

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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