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  • Hey hey,
    A word press technical numbskull here but have a site set up by a tech-savvy guy (
    It is set up as a portfolio site with a page as a homepage to land on. I need to update the text on the page. However, when I alter the text in edit mode then press update what appears on the page as seen is different from the edit.

    For example, there is a list of publications I have written for. In edit I carefully order them, justify them etc to form a nice elegant block of text. But then I press update and everything goes ass over tit and the formatting jumps around all over the place.

    Any suggestions as how to avoid this? To add insult to injury my preview button has stopped working now so I can’t go back and forwards testing stuff out. Grrrr.

    Help appreciated

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  • Do you know if you created bulleted or numbered list in the editor?

    In the visual editor, if you use the bullet points (or numbers) from the toolbar, it will create an HTML unordered (or ordered) list to display on your page.

    Let me know if you need any further detail.

    Hi there Kevin,
    Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I actually don’t know how the page was created as I can’t get hold of the designer who did it for me. I actually don’t want to bullet or number a list as such but just work out why something looks different before and after it is published!

    Hi Robert, unfortunately content in the editor rarely looks the way it will display on the page. Kevin’s comment about unordered lists (i.e. a stacked list without any bullets or numbers) is probably relevant here because that’s a really standard way for designers to set up information so it’s formatted nicely. We can’t know without looking at the code, though.

    I took a look at the page but I don’t see the list of publications so I assume you removed them for the moment. Are they supposed to appear in the white box at the bottom when you have placed them? Could you provide a screenshot of the code (from the visual editor AND the text editor would be helpful) as well as a screenshot of the mess it makes when applied? We might be able to make sense of it from that.

    (If you don’t have a place to upload images and link to them, you could upload them to your site and copy the url for this thread, without clicking ‘Insert into post.’)

    Oh hi there,
    Sorry I missed this really helpful post!
    Yes you are right it was set up a list. I actually managed to get hold of my web designer in the meantime and he has sorted it out for the moment.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – much appreciated!

    Glad to hear it!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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