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  1. lesliedellow
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have a problem which I don't know it somebody can resolve for me.

    I am writing a plugin, and have been trying to assign a class to a submit button, but something is overriding the stylesheet which is local to the plugin, and also overriding anything between <style></style> tags with the php file.

    That isn't strictly true - the height attribute works, for example, but other things, such as the background color don't.

    The only way of forcing the issue is to include the style within the <input> tag itself, and since there is a lot to be included, that seems at best a bit inelegant.

    What I have just written sounds impossible to me, because something between <style></style> tags certainly ought to override anything somewhere else, but it doesn't, and this is in all browsers.

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