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    There’s not much default styling. What you saw in the screenshots was wpsc Support Tickets in the 2011 WordPress theme.

    You can use CSS in your theme’s style.css file. The following classes and IDs are rendered on the front end. You can use CSS to stylize how wpsc Support Tickets are displayed.


    #wpscst_top_page – Is really there just as an anchor for the top of the support tickets.

    #wpscst-new – The button to create a new ticket

    #wpscst_nic_panel – The panel for the new ticket editor

    #wpscst_initial_message – The textarea for the new ticket editor (is replaced using Javascript nicEdit)

    #wpscst_department – The department drop for the new ticket interface

    #wpscst_edit_ticket – The DIV that is used to load old tickets for viewing/replying

    #wpscst_meta – On an old ticket, this displays the author and timestamp

    #wpscst_results_posted_by – On an old ticket, this is the ticket author

    #wpscst_results_initial_message – On an old ticket, this is the first message that started the ticket

    #wpscst_submit – The frontend submit ticket button

    #wpscst-cancel – The frontend cancel button


    .wpscst-button – All buttons

    .wpscst-table –

    .wpscst_results_posted_by – This is where the author is displayed on replies

    .wpscst_results_message – This is the the author message

    .wpscst_staff_reply_table – The is the table that holds a staff reply. If you style this different then the rest of the replies, you can make staff replies stick out.

    .wpscst_staff_reply_thead – Same as above, except governs the thead tag.

    .wpscst_staff_reply_tbody – Same, but the tbody tag.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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