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    I am trying to create hovering footnotes with pure html and css, using code something like this:

    <a title="hello">hi</a>

    So far, it works perfect and is valid code and all, but the trouble is that I don’t know how to style these “links” so they stand out from the rest of the text and the real links (that is, the links that actually link to something).

    Can anyone give me some CSS guidance? You can see an example of what I’ve done here. In the second paragraph, hover over the word “end”, the second to last word in the last sentance.

    (As you can see, there is no styling to make this word stand out yet).

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  • For this here: <a title="hello">hi</a>

    Maybe you add a “class” to it, like such:
    <a class="h-footnotes" title="hello">hi</a>

    Then, in your CSS file, add this:
    Styling CSS codes you want to use for it..


    Not sure on this, so, maybe someone else can drop in and suggest something better.. =) 😉

    Actually, I just discovered the dfn tag, which does exactly what I’m trying to do.

    Thanks for your help tho…

    Oh ok, that’s cool. Let us know how things go either way.. 😉 =)

    Thanks for your help tho…

    You’re welcome.. 😉 =)


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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