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  • Developing my first plugin. These seem like basic questions, but I’ve been searching all over and haven’t found an answer.

    My plugin has an admin page under the Tools menu, and I want to take advantage of whatever style rules are available rather than creating my own when there are already so many, both for ease of developing and for consistent look in the admin UI.

    • I want a bulleted list on my admin page. When I use the ul and li elements, they just look like normal text. Is there a standard way to do this?
    • To display some highlighted text in a box, is there a style one normally uses?
    • Are there functions one can call to emit standard formatting elements like notice boxes, lists, buttons and so on?

    I look forward to contributing to this community, and would appreciate some pointers for doing my initial development in the standard way so I don’t have to rework it (as much) later when I want to publish it in the catalog.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    For your plugin settings screen to closely match the other WP admin screens, use the Settings API to build your admin screen. I’m not aware of bullet lists being used in any default settings. I suggest you refer to other admin screens for the default containers to use. Try to adhere to whatever styling these containers convey. If you really feel the need to depart from the default styling, you can add a style block to your admin screen’s output.

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