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    Hi Alexander,

    Still playing with your plugin, that I find very suitable, I managed to get the results the way I wnated.

    The Stying add-on will allow me to:
    change the color of each of the results? (I have 3 types of results in one test, low, medium and high, (Can I geta different color for them?)
    Change the color of the Scales individually? (5 different scales so a color for each)
    the bar shown on results can it be in different color depending on count of answers i.e (more than 35 green between 28 and 34 yelow, less than 33.9 red)

    On the other hand is there a possibility (not cloning the test) to make it available to a group of people (i.e a team) so can have individual results and group results (this by using your add-on csv export).


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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