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  • I’m running several sites on wordpress and find that Firefox hangs when loading the page. Using Firebug I’ve narrowed it down to the stylesheet requests.

    The files that fail to load are different every time and it is only the css files. If I stop processing on these requests the site will load, seemingly with the styles intact.

    I’ve checked the content type of the request using Firebug and an online tool someone suggested and it is set to text/css. I added AddType text/css .css to my .htaccess just in case.

    I’ve read through several topics with similar problems (although no one mentions the site failing to load) and implemented the solutions but none of them have made a difference.

    I can’t provide a link because the sites are currently all on a dev server until I’ve solved this.

    Any help is massively appreciated!

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  • URL?

    Sorry, as I mentioned I can’t provide a link to the sites currently but I will as soon as I am able, if I can’t find a proper solution.

    I’ve temporarily fixed the issue by using w3 total cache, but I’m still none the wiser as to why I’m having this issue with Firefox.

    It’s not just CSS files that are causing the problem as I thought either.

    Sorry, as I mentioned I can’t provide a link to the sites currently…

    I didn’t see that. Sorry.

    It is going to be hard to help without watching the traffic. One thing that comes to mind is that I believe FireFox has a higher default value for concurrent connections than other browsers, which means it is going to hit your server with more requests than the others and that could make it choke if it is underpowered ( as my dev servers tend to be 🙂 ).

    Thanks, that shouldn’t be the case as I have other non-wp sites that make far more http requests than these.

    How could I monitor whether the server is underpowered?

    Total-Cache didn’t solve the issue as I had thought, the problem is intermittent and I leapt to the wrong conclusion.

    The files that the http requests hang on vary but so far they all seem to be relatively tiny files. I’ve read nothing so far that would suggest that this should cause a problem.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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