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  • I’m working on editing a wordpress website and the style sheet will not change. I am familiar with css and html and it is not a syntax problem. I even deleted the entire stylesheet and the website looked exactly the same. While i am familiar with coding i am not so familiar with wordpress or this aspect of webdesign. Help would be much appreciated. Also I’ve coded for a new look to the header bar where do i implement that work.

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  • First you make a Child Theme with as little as a proper child style.css file…
    …then you place that file inside a Child Theme folder inside your Themes folder and activate your Child Theme at you Dashboard. After that, you can add/edit as much as you wish within your Child Theme folder…and I believe you begin the header work you have in mind by first copying the parent’s header.php over into your new Child Theme folder.

    @samir07 – that sounds like a caching issue – either on your site, server or browser.

    For making any changes, as leejosepho said, you really should be using a Child Theme – that way your changes won’t be overwritten and lost when the theme is updated. And yes, header customizations would typically go in a child theme header.php file.

    Where are you editing your style sheet? Through the dashboard or local and uploading?

    Thanks for the help. I am editing my stylesheet through the dashboard is it possible to create a child theme with connecting via ftp?

    If your host has another file management system, you may be able to use that. You do need to be able to access/create files/folders on the server.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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