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  • I ftp new template to wordpress …when I try to change theme >>> It
    tells me stylesheet is missing…How can I fix this?
    Please help this newbie.

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  • WordPress automatically assumes that your CSS will be in an external stylesheet from the rest of your templates, and that you will call it style.css — is your stylesheet called style.css or something else?




    You can find more info. about WordPress theme development at

    I am still missing a stylesheet from this theme:

    Theme name: Globalwarmingawareness22007

    It uploads just fine. I deleted it however, and re-uploaded it again and it still comes with the same problem of a missing stylesheet notice.

    One thing I noticed was that in theme editor, the theme comes with the following in the sidebar:
    Popup Comments
    Main Index Template

    however, I noticed that it doesn’t have a rtl.css in the sidebar which is usually located above the Stylesheet column.
    I have tried to fix this for several months and have spent hours trying to find the solution.

    I recently installed the 404 Notifier plugin, but I had to deactivate it because my e-mail was being flooded with the following errors:

    Please help!

    i went to the site you listed and everything looks fine..,,

    Thank you so much for a response. I still am so confused about this theme since I am still getting the missing stylesheet notice. Could there be a chance that the stylesheet is missing in the default or classic theme instead?? I cannot reactivate my 404 Notifier plugin until I can somehow get rid of this notice.

    Thank you kindly for all your help…I have been really struggling with this problem.




    The stylesheet is there. If you view the page source for your home page in a browser, this is the address listed for the stylesheet:

    The page your are getting errors about has an extra folder name stuck in the middle: “_ControlPanel”. This page looks okay when you click on it, but it actually returns a 404 page not found error (so your default 404 error page must be set to look exactly like your home page).

    I’m not sure where it would be, but you might have a reference to this incorrect link somewhere in your theme template pages or possibly on your blog somewhere. Try searching inside the theme editor pages for “_ControlPanel” and if you find it, then that’s the culprit.

    To designsimply: I do not know you, but I LOVE YOU! What a godsend you have been. Thank you for that informative e-mail. I have been most busy working on this since your last post.

    OK, I had previously looked through all the html coding, looking for any reference that had a control panel inscription to it based on reading through some of the other suggested comments on this forum. Nonetheless, I thought I should double check to be sure. I therefore looked at ALL my existing theme’s html coding (whether active or not) and found nothing.

    I then went to “My Computer” looking throughout the C:// and still didn’t find anything wrong.

    I then went back to my hosting acct’s FTP Client and behold it was there stuck in a subfolder under wp-content/themes. Once I managed to delete that was like magic!! The missing stylesheet notice was gone.

    I got so excited, that I decided to reactivate my 404 Notifier by Alex King and sure enough, all was well (at least in that department.)

    Well, now I am getting an error RE: Images that says this:
    404 Report – a file not found error was registered on your site.

    404 URL:

    Referred by:

    I am assuming the error is the: images/li.gif part because obviously all my theme’s stylesheets have been resolved.

    If you could give me a hint as to what this means I would be so happy. This is the only problem left to resolve on my blog. Could the 404 Notifier plugin be interferring with my onlinehosting4U’s 404 error default file? I spent all last night trying to resolve this one!

    I am deeply sorry to be so long and detailed, but I was hoping this would in turn help everyone else as I have noticed this to be a chronic problem with others on the forum.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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