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    I updated to v1.9.3.6 from the previous version and am now noticing 2 related issues with how/when stylesheets are enqueued.

    I’m running WP 3.6 with a child theme of Responsive, and have tried uninstalled all plugins to see if there was a conflict(there wasn’t), cleared cache’s, etc.

    Issue #1: I noticed there was a problem because the css written within media queries was not over riding base styles. For instance, columns remained floated in small screen views, but float:none should have wiped out float:left at that viewport width. Below I’ve listed the order in which the stylesheets load. I applied a quick fix by moving line 650 to line 657 in Responsive’s functions.php file (includes/functions.php). This simply moved the media queries stylesheet so that it loads last. Wouldn’t it be better to just include all of Responsive’s media queries into the main stylesheet?

    Issue #2: You’ll notice that my child theme style.css loads 2x (based on the id’s, the 1st stylesheet should be Responsive’s base stylesheet, not the child theme’s). I found this thread that says the fix to my media queries problem is to remove the @import from the child theme’s style.css. I presume the reason for this is because Responsive’s style.css should be loading.

    ‘ id=”responsive-style-css” href=”site/wp-content/themes/responsive-child/style.css?ver=
    id=”responsive-media-queries-css” href=”site/wp-content/themes/responsive/core/css/style.css?ver=″
    id=”responsive-child-style-css” href=”site/wp-content/themes/responsive-child/style.css?ver=′

    Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Sorry for the long post, but wanted to provide the details. Here’s the site in question.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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