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  • Oh hey!

    So I’ve encountered an issue that I’ve never seen before.

    My Stylesheets aren’t updating in my browser, they’re up to date in Coda, cPanel and everywhere it matters, which lead me to think it was a Browser or Version number issue, but it hasn’t been the case apparently. The changes don’t occur on any live site anywhere on any device, even after flushing the cache and doing everything I usually do when I have this problem. Here’s a bit of a list:

    – Stylesheets are not updating in browser.
    – Stylesheets are up to date on server, and in cPanel.
    – Initially thought this was a browser caching issue; but found hard refresh, cache clearing and DNS flush did not work.
    – Setting version numbers on Stylesheets did not work.
    – Viewing the website on other devices and in other browsers did not work.
    – Other files are updating normally.
    – Only fix currently is to add new, renamed stylesheet and relink in header.
    – Site is working fine otherwise, but having to rename and reupload a new stylesheet every time is becoming a little bit irritating.

    URL is:

    I’m convinced it’s some kind of server caching issue because I can’t seem to find the problem on my end.

    Any ideas?


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