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    I have a working version of WP loaded and I’m running FlexProfessional template. All has been fine, except just recently I noticed that this page: is not loading properly in IE. It loads fine in Firefox. Note the stylesheet seems not to be loading or is broken. In fact, any NEW PAGE or POST I create that uses any template, is now rendering this way in IE. All other existing pages are fine in IE. Does anyone have any idea what is happening, and have they had a similar experience?

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    You need to sort out your meta-description.

    !--Add Description and Keywords-->
    <meta name="description" content="A Michigan Company Proudly Supporting Local Communities
    "We are not just serving up our fruit pie, we are celebrating doing business in Michigan," " />

    One thing I notice is that its loading

    as a style sheet, but the headers it sends for that file are claim its an xml document. IE doesn’t parse that properly. You should be able to add <?php header('Content-Type: text/css'); ?>

    To the top of your style.css.php file to correct. If that stylesheet contains the styles you’re missing that may fix the view in IE

    Thanks for the advice. I tried editing the style.css.php file you referenced but that made no difference.

    I’m curious as to why other pages (that are using the same WP templates) are rendering ok in IE? It’s only pages created after a certain time about two days ago.

    It was the meta-description, thanks esmi!
    Don’t know what happened to my header template file, but I commented out the meta description and it’s fixed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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