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    I used styles to set up my site and its been running for 2 or so months Ok. I changed one setting – the font size – and its now unstable and keeps reverting back to the default 2011 theme. I have tried uninstalling and reinstall and has no effect. If I make a change it shows on my site but as soon as I refresh or reload it drops the configuration and goes back to default.

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  • Plugin Author PD Clark


    Debugging without specifics can be difficult, so I have contacted @spud1 over e-mail to take a look at the details of his site, his WordPress admin, and his FTP. If there are changes that need to be made to the plugin, I’ll come back and document what those are here.

    Is it compatible with version 3.4.2?

    Plugin Author PD Clark


    We have been using it on 3.4.2, but I think some sites have been having trouble downloading stylesheets from the API. The plugin is still experimental– if it works, you should see within 60 seconds of installing.

    Plugin Author PD Clark


    I was able to log into @spud1‘s site, and found the issue was due to incorrect permissions on the styles folder. Details below.

    The short answer:
    If CSS is being cached to disk, wp-content/uploads/styles (the folder) and cache.css inside of it should have permissions set to 755 or 666.

    The long answer:
    This particular site had the wp-content/uploads/styles directory permissions set to 766. This causes files within that folder to be WORLD writable, as well as executable. This is a big security concern, especially on shared hosts. It can cause a site to get hacked, fast!

    That particular site was hosted on Host Gator, which has a very good security policy for sites on shared servers: Host Gator flat out refuses to serve files that are executable and world-writable. This is a great policy, because it protects users on those sites from a very common attack vector caused by often difficult to understand permissions settings.

    Changing the permissions back to 755 caused Host Gator to serve the files again without complaint, resolving the issue.

    No changes were need to the plugin. This problem would have been the same for any file on any site, whether it was using WordPress, Styles, or anything else.

    Thanks Paul for the great service for a novice like me. The Plugin is exactly what I want -works as it says.

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