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  • Resolved Chris


    I’m having a weird issue where all of a sudden the styles are not being applied.

    My first thought was maybe it is some sort of caching issue. The site is on GoDaddy hosting but clearing the GoDaddy cache (and my own cache) had no affect.

    If I go in to the bbp Style Pack settings and just click the “Save changes” button (without making any changes), and just reload the forum index page, the styles are all correctly applied again. So right now it is working just fine.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? What could be causing the styles to just stop being applied and is fixed by simply saving the settings again?

    This has happened twice in the last month or two, but there were other issues the first time so I thought it was related.

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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    1. Do you have automatic updates to plugins? I have just released version 3.4.0 and that may have affected you.

    2. Can you check what version you are now on.

    Updates should not mean that you have to do this, so if this is the cause it is a bug, which I’ll need to track down.

    Hi Robin, thanks for the quick response!

    1. Not the standard automatic updates as configured in the wp-config or by GoDaddy, but I do use InfiniteWP to manage multiple sites and I review and update plugins on a weekly basis. Was there an update last week from 3.3.9?

    2. The current version is 3.3.10, and I do see that there is an update for 3.4.0 but have not installed it yet.

    Plugin Author Robin W



    Yes I have been doing some work, so the 3.3.10 update may have upset the .css styling file – although it is not supposed to.

    The caching might be affecting – in that I delete the .css file as part of the upgrade, but then force a new one to generate. Caching might get rid of the file (logic deleting should be immediate) , but it not be renewed immediately. I suspect that this is not likely.

    I have had some users who have/had this issue in the past, and I’ve never tracked down a source.

    Can you upgrade to 3.4.0 and see if you lose it again – if you do – you now know that saving the settings re-creates it.

    If you could come back and let me know – I would be grateful

    I updated to 3.4.0 and the same thing happened – and saving the settings again fixed it.

    I forgot I was going to turn on developer tools and see if it just wasn’t getting loaded or if it was trying and failing, or any other info I can get for you. On the next update I’ll try to remember and will post back what I find.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    ok, you could reset where the .css file is saved

    go to
    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>css location
    and if you activate and put in
    then the css should be saved to your uploads directory and no longer be a problem.
    let me know if this doesn’t work

    Ok, I changed the location and everything still looks good. I can’t say for sure if that solves the problem until the plugin is updated again.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    ok, thanks !

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