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  • I just changed my theme to 1blogtheme 1.2, which I really like for its flexibility and options.

    However. I’ve never run into a theme I didn’t want to tweak in terms of font faces and colors. So I did that with 1blocktheme as well, I fired up cssedit and I made some changes. Not too many. replaced the old style.css with the revised one.

    No change. tried again, without luck.

    Then I investigated a little and found the style.php file. Now, why do we need this, she asked grumpily. Isn’t this an extreme complication?

    At any rate, I’ll have to figure it out to keep the theme. Can anybody direct me to a resource that will explain

    1. the difference between .css and .php stylesheets;
    2. what each is supposed to be accomplishing;
    3. when to revise one or the other

    Really, all I want is a different font face and background colors. Made all those changes to the style.css file. Now how do I get style.php to pay attention and play nicely?


    stuck with serif

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  • It’s a pretty neat theme now that I look at it – but you’d figure with all those customization options they would have given you some ability to change the font right? lol

    You should be able to make some changes to the font by directly editing the style.php file.

    One problem (which stumped me at first when I tried) is that there are 9 different font declarations that almost all say basically the same thing. That’s why it’s so hard to get things to change.

    Just treat style.php like a regular style sheet and track down those font declarations. After a little time and effort you should get control.

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